<![CDATA[Elohymn will be supporting Poltergeist on the forthcoming tour, Here is some info for you. I can recommend the two E.P's – Russ the Webmaster!
“ELOHYMN are two parts Chorley and one part Mancunian but are strictly 100 percent post rock prog. Underneath the technical riffs and beats are robot noises and subliminal sonic subtexts. Charging this attack are subtle but essential effects, that shift the pitch and cause sequenced delays, all of which enhances an already spectacularly grand sound.The flipside sound reveals a blossoming anthemic and ethereal 21st Century post rock outlook, that’s captured in the cascading themes, loops and eloquent guitar lines. Elohymn don’t have to rely on big chords. Instead they can snap out quick multibeat passage, punctuated with millisecond pauses which lead into the next ascending or descent led theme. The trio create something of a conceptual set, with the backing tracks and consistent, connecting strands. The numbers of course become gigantic by the end, elevating the audience on something of a sonic mountain climb – with such altitude, comes the very best of views”- Manchester Music
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