New Glide Album – Assemblage One & Two

Pre-order the new Glide album, ‘Assemblage One & Two’

Glide is an occasional project of mine, (Will Sergeant). I visit when the mood takes me, It is an unashamed self indulgent venture. I see nothing wrong with being self indulgent. In my view all art of any worth is built on self indulgence. From the first stroke of a brush, word of literature, note of an instrument or strike of the chisel against the cold stone or wood. The only person that a true artist should be aiming to please should be himself. If you start worrying about what the people may say about the work it is immediately compromised and is a dead duck. So I walk alone once more through electronic landscape for only one reason: I like it there.I have been a fan of electronic music since the first time I heard it back in the early nineteen seventies. The album was Radio Activity by Kraftwerk. After that I sought out other records built with these strange sounds. I found ‘Tangerine Dream’. Every night I would listen to the Tang’s album Phaedra with huge catalogue bought headphones blocking out the reality of the grim and often disturbing world I lived in.I have returned to those days in my freezing bedroom and I have been trying to evoke the mood and sounds of electronic music before the advent of computers. The album is two long tracks of roughly 20 minutes per side. Let it flow through you and don’t get too hung up on seeking out pop hooks or sounds of the twenty first century. I have tried to create an ever evolving soundtrack.
As a thank you and a preview of the album to come head to the updates page for a teaser stream of the album.
Will Sergeant